As I understand the History, The "WESTERNER" represented a one time opportunityfor each Western Chevy Dealership to buy only one. It came standard with the 348 Tri Power Engine - plus Air Conditioning and with the very first Cruise Control. It comes with "Westerner" Fender Emblems and a small plaque that says made by GM for: ________ where the owner's name would be engraved on a brass insert. This car properly restored would stand out at any Car Show or Chevy get together.

I have an Article from a Chevy-Oriented Magazine referring to the "Easterner", but other than that, I have never found a Chevy expert that knows anymore about a "Westerner"! nor a "Easterner".

I've restored three '60 Chevy's and was savings this one for a Show Car, but financial and age problems are closing in so it's time to face reality.

$29,000 Price is reasonable when considering the uniqueness of this vehicle. Some pictures on my website - AllstuffInCA.com
more upon request. Anyone that can seriously consider spending this kind of money, should see the car in person. There's some amateur "fixed" Rust on the Floorboards, but that's all the rust . . . still a California Car. I'll take extra photos when asked - including Photos of the Tri Power and Cruise Control which I've taken off to avoid theft. Please don't' waste your time or mine as price is firm. (925) 455-4361

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